The Fresher & Prosper Promise

We continually strive to offer a superior service to our clients. To this end we make 10 promises that will boost your productivity and make your life easier.

1.  You Get a Dedicated Account Manager

Every client is assigned a dedicated Account Manager from our team. That means you can always speak to a member of staff who is familiar with your company, website and circumstances.

2. You Get Unlimited Technical Support

Our web products are designed to be user-friendly and intuitive to use. But if required we provide unlimited technical support to all clients. 

3.  You Get Regular Consultation

We take responsibility for making regular contact and keeping abreast of your business requirements and priorities.

4.  You Get Web Development to the Highest Standards

We guarantee that any work shall perform reliably and consistently across popular browsers, platforms and devices. 

5.  Your CMS is Easy to Use

Used a CMS before? You'll know how annoying and fiddly they can be. After 15 years of deploying a wide range of CMS editors, we've combined the best of them.. and we believe our CMS system is the best on the market today. 

6.  You Get Hands-On Training by Qualified Professionals

All training and coaching is undertaken by web professionals with training qualifications. 

7.  You Get High Security with Regular Backups

Unfortunately, website hacking and security breaches are becoming ever more sophisticated. Our secure systems minimise the risk of your website being compromised. We also take practical steps such as encouraging secure passwording. All websites and databases are backed up on a regular basis so you can relax knowing you'll never lose important information.

8.  We Work Toward SMART Targets

Our work for you is defined and guided by Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely targets. We monitor your website's performance using up to date analytic tools. That means you can be sure you'll always get excellent value for money and maximum return on investment.

9.  You Get Predictable, Transparent Pricing

We charge a competitive flat rate per hour across all our services and always deliver work of a high standard within budget. It is sometimes impossible to quote for work without knowing the size and scope of a project. But wherever possible on this website, we try to give an indication of the cost involved.

10.  We Eat Our Own Dogfood

"Eating Your Own Dogfood" refers to a company using its own products to demonstrate confidence in them.  Wikipedia says: "If a company expects customers to buy its products, it should also be willing to use those products. Hence dogfooding can act as a kind of testimonial advertising."

We eat our own dogfood.  Our clients' sites are built using the exact same technology as our own.

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