Create Your Own Content Coaching

from £105

Learn to produce rich, effective content for your website, brochures or blog. Perfect for companies on a tighter budget, with latent in-house resources.

Having learnt about your requirements, objectives and priorities, our team will train you and / or your staff to produce effective goal-driven content for your website, brochures or blog.

Our Create Your Own Content Coaching Service Gives You:

  • An initial consultation with our specialist team, to formulate goals for your website or print content
  • One-to-one coaching if you are a business-owner
  • Group coaching sessions for your staff, training them to produce effective content for your website
  • Advice on how to create an effective content strategy both now and in the future
  • Advice on how getting to know your target audience can and should drive your content strategy, tone and approach
  • The knowledge and the confidence to create content to captivate your audience, via web or print

Go that extra mile and make sure you're getting your expertise across to your audience in an engaging and coherent way, with the help of our expert team.

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For more information please contact Andrea or Paul on 0115 8088303 or message us via the website.

Our office is open 10am - 6pm Monday to Thursday and 10am - 2pm on Friday.

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