Second Web Wednesday Seminar on Content Creation

Andrea Palmer

Published Thu 28 Aug by Andrea Palmer in Company News

Fresher & Prosper's second Web Wednesday seminar in a new series of free events targeting local businesses was entitled 'Creating Effective Online Content'

Yesterday evening, Fresher & Prosper's Web Wednesday series of free events continued, with an indepth seminar covering different types of online content. Fresher & Prosper's Paul Bullock and Jeanette Helen Wilson led the second seminar in the series, which was entitled 'Creating Effective Online Content.'

The seminar covered three main types of online content: Headlines / titles, Blogs and Articles and Static Content. Paul and Jeanette detailed why these different types of content are important for businesses, and gave tips on how to create content that is effective: more likely to be read and shared. 

Our third in the series will take place on Wednesday 24th September at 18:30. The venue will be the Richard Herrod Centre. Following on from the first two seminars, 'Blogging for Business' and 'Creating Effective Online Content,' the third seminar will introduce viral content and give attendees some useful tips on how to create content that will spread like wildfire. Entitled 'Contagious Content: The Art of Viral Marketing,' there are still places left on this informative seminar.

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