New LocalPI Websites Rolling Out for RIDING

Martin Hansen-Lennox

Published Sat 10 Oct by Martin Hansen-Lennox in Client News

Over a year in development, the new LocalPI websites are finally being rolled out

After over a year of sweat, toil and geekery, RIDING are proud to announce the launch of their new web presence for the LocalPI brand.

A single, centrally managed, web applications serves each of their 158 branches throughout the UK. 

The websites have been designed "Mobile First" and have undergone extensive testing on various sizes of Android phones, iPhones, iPads and desktops.

The first wave of sites, currently in BETA mode include Bedford Detectives, York Detectives and Derby Detectives, along with 8 others.

Jon Riding, CEO says "We're very pleased with the new sites, we have spent a lot of time and effort to make them as user friendly as possible, across all kinds of devices, from home computers to iphones. It's great to see them finally being realised into the wild. "

RIDING have worked with F&P for over a decade, during which time they have grown from a small local company with a single Nottingham office to the UK's largest private investigator group with 158 branches throughout the country. 

Their first website, way back in 2005, had only 3 pages - private clients, commercial clients and solicitor services.  The LocalPI brand was launched in 2009, with Nottingham Detectives, soon followed by other local offices. Venture capital investment enabled the group to expand and develop a nationwide presence. 

Thousands of investigations and a decade of hard work later, LocalPI and RIDING have become the stand-out success story of the UK private investigation industry.

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