New Google Algorithm to Penalise Pirate Music Sites

Jeanette Helen Wilson

Published Mon 27 Oct by Jeanette Helen Wilson in Web News

Google's senior copyright counsel Katherine Oyama has announced a new algorithm which will effectively penalise pirate websites.

Global search engine giant Google have announced a new algorithm which will prove more effective at penalising pirate music and film websites in search rankings. 

In response to widespread criticism that their last update in 2012 did not go far enough in stopping piracy online, Google announced this new update on Friday. 

Google's senior copyright counsel, Katherine Oyama, says: 'We’ve now refined the signal in ways we expect to visibly affect the rankings of some of the most notorious sites. This update will roll out globally starting next week.'

Google's 2012 update did not prove effective enough at visibly down-ranking such rogue sites. Music and film industry bosses have been reeling at the update's lack of visible results. 

BPI's chief executive Geoff Taylor was critical of the previous update, but welcomes the news of this more effective move by Google. He said: 'When fans search for music or films, they should get legal results – it’s as simple as that.'

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