High percentage of Product Pages 'Dismal', says NNG

Jeanette Helen Wilson

Published Mon 01 Sep by Jeanette Helen Wilson in Web News

This recent study by Amy Schade, writing on the prestigious NNG website, reveals that most businesses are failing to write winning product descriptions.

Amy Schade, writing for the prestigious Nielsen Norman Group, has declared that many product pages online are 'dismal,' resulting in disappointed users and loss of potential sales.

In NNG's recent study of e-commerce sites, they found that up to 20% of task failures are the result of incomplete or unclear product information.

While most e-commerce sites do include the essentials: a photograph showcasing the product and some text description, these are often inadequate. Schade reported that task failures can happen at any stage in the online buying process. If at any point in this process the user is unclear about the product, they are likely to cancel the purchase before they even get to the checkout.

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