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Happy Birthday to Julian Assange - 44 Today

Martin Hansen-Lennox

Published Fri 03 Jul by Martin Hansen-Lennox in Miscellaneous and Web News

Despite being forced to live in the Ecuadorian Embassy for over 3 years, we hope Julian manages to salvage some happiness today

For over 3 years Julian Assange has resided at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, unable to see the sun or to go outside for fear of arrest and and extradition to the United States.  

The US is infamous for it's harsh, relentless and unjust prosecution of both "hackers" and activists of which Julian is both. He will likely face lifetime imprisonment, and possibly even torture, if extradited. 

Yet, despite over 59 legal and civil requests to the UN in the last year alone, neither the UK or Sweden will provide legal or diplomatic assurances not to extradite Julian to the US (in violation of their obligations under the Refugee Convention). 

Julian, an Australian citizen, was granted political asylum under the 1951 Refugee Convention due the ongoing espionage case against him in the United States.

A number of criminal cases have been filed in Europe (including Denmark, Germany and Sweden) in response to the unlawful state action against him by the US government and its allies - including among other charges the use of unlawful surveillance and the payment of cash bribes to illegally obtain evidence.

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