Fresher & Prosper start new Web Wednesday group on Meetup

Jeanette Helen Wilson

Published Tue 02 Sep by Jeanette Helen Wilson in Company News

Fresher & Prosper have started a new networking group for everyone interested in web and business, on the popular social site Meetup

Fresher & Prosper have started a new Meetup group called Web Wednesdays: Business Web and Marketing Group. Anyone can join for free, and all of the networking events planned are free for everyone. The focus of the networking will be for businesses in and around Nottingham, and members of our team will attend to answer any web-related question you might have. 

'We're looking for ways to help local businesses small, medium and large. As well as our series of free seminars in Nottingham, we wanted to do something a bit less formal, where people can benefit from our expertise as well as networking with others who are doing business in and around Nottingham,' says Martin Hansen-Lennox, founder of Fresher & Prosper and organiser of the new Meetup group.

Our first meeting, called Networking over ales, is tomorrow, Wednesday 3rd September at 18:30 at The Sir John Borlase Warren, Canning Circus. 

Feel free to come along to this informal and friendly evening. Events will usually last two hours, depending on how many questions people have for the team!

Interested in attending one of our free seminars? Visit our Events page and sign up today.

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