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Jeanette Helen Wilson

Published Tue 23 Sep by Jeanette Helen Wilson in Company News

Fresher and Prosper's series of free seminars and networking events offers practical guidance on a wide range of web related topics such as Blogging for Business, SEO Made Simple and The Art of Viral Content

Nottingham web consultancy Fresher and Prosper have launched a series of free web-training events for local website owners and managers.

The events, running under the banner of 'Web Wednesday', are designed to help business owners develop the skills required to effectively promote their company and become more competitive online. Topics include Blogging for Business, The Art of Viral Content and SEO Made Simple.

Event Manager Jeanette Helen Wilson says: "Although most companies do have a website these days, many smaller firms lack the range of skills or resources required to market themselves effectively on the internet.

"However, developing a just a few simple skills can make a gigantic difference to the effectiveness of a business website - setting appropriate goals, creating compelling content to attract an audience, or using social media to get the word out about their new products or services."

Fresher & Prosper was established in 1999, and has benefited from a number of business hubs and apprenticeship schemes in Nottingham. Company founder Martin Hansen Lennox says he is pleased to be offering something of value to businesses in the area.

"Many local groups and organisations have contributed to Fresher and Prosper’s success. Without their support we would not be in a position to offer the free Web Wednesday training events. We'd rather spend our marketing budget returning the favour, as opposed to taking out expensive ads in glossy magazines. “

He added: “We never set out to do web training. But our team’s unique combination of experience - business development, web development and training delivery - mean we have something genuinely valuable to offer local business people and website owners. We're proud to offer something genuinely useful for free”

You can download the event flyer with dates and venues .

Book your place at

For more information contact Jeanette Wilson on 0115 8417103 or 07505880928 or email

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