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Apple Seek Further Damages from Samsung Over Patent Infringements

Martin Hansen-Lennox

Published Sat 24 May by Martin Hansen-Lennox in Web News

​After a jury awarded Apple $119m (£71m) in damages from Samsung following patent wars, Apple remain unsatisfied, demanding more cash and requesting a retrial.

Apple was seeking $2.2bn in damages after accusing South Korean firm Samsung of copying five patents including the "slide to unlock" function used on many smartphones. Not only that but the US firm also filed for a permanent injunction to prevent Samsung from using the patents it was found to have infringed.

Samsung has also filed court documents but the contents were kept confidential.

Apple has accused Samsung of "systematically copying" features that it considers "distinctive" to its iOS software. Samsung denied that it had copied Apple patents and said it was Apple who was doing the copying. Welcome to the silicon valley playground.

It's worth noting that the jury also found Apple guilty of patent infringement and awarded damaged of $158,000 to Samsung.

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