Targeted Content for Web and Print

Creating effective, goal-driven content for your website and business literature

What is Goal Driven Content?

"Content is King". If you have spent any time in web development or SEO circles this phrase may be familiar.

Any business website needs to get the right information across to its audience. Content can be used to inform, educate and sell products and services to customers you may or may not have met before

Goal driven content is simply the process of developing your website or print content in line with your objectives, to maximise the chance of your desired outcomes. 

Our proof-reading service ensures that any published content is free of errors and is grammatically correct.

How Will My Company Benefit from Goal Driven Content?

The answer to this question depends on your goals! Long term objectives might include:

  • Engaging with your target audience and developing sustainable relationships that deliver profitability and a healthy return on investment
  • Establishing yourself / your company as an expert in your field
  • Encouraging inbound links to your website for SEO purposes
  • Developing persuasive content linked to consistent calls to action 

In contrast, shorter term aims might include:

  • Capturing the attention of your customers
  • Making your company message easier to understand
  • Persuading website visitors to signup for your newsletter
  • Tempting customers to buy your product or try out your service
  • Generating bursts of coverage from other websites
  • Increasing brand awareness

We Can Help You Create Outstanding Content

We can develop - or help you develop - rich, high quality and remarkable content that attracts and fully engages your target audience. 

Having reviewed your marketing and content strategy, we try to get maximum coverage for your content in places where your target audience will actually see and notice it. Our full service can develop engaging content for all channels - websites, promotions, printed materials and all kinds of social media activity.

Make the most of our expertise to optimise your web and print content, for search engine optimisation and an enviable reader following:

  • Creating content from scratch
  • Optimising existing content
  • Training you or your team to create effective content 
  • Proof reading
  • Social media / website content strategy
  • A full range of graphics and branding services to complement any of the above
  • We then focus on creating remarkable, rich, high quality content that attracts and fully engages with your target audience
  • Finally we get maximum coverage for your content in places where your target audience will actually see it

Any of these services can be included as part of a  service package and most are also available as stand-alone services.  Please see below for a list of services that include or focus on goal driven content.

Enquire / More Information

Paul Bullock Andrea Palmer

For more information please contact Andrea or Paul on 0115 8088303 or message us via the website.

Our office is open 10am - 6pm Monday to Thursday and 10am - 2pm on Friday.

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