Goal Driven Web Development

Fine tuning your web presence to maximise conversions, enquiries and sales

What is Goal Driven Web Development?

Your website needs a small number of clear and focused goals to be successful. 

Your website goals will heavily influence the design, structure and content of your website and help define clear action paths for your visitors.  Without clear objectives, a website can become sprawling and unfocused. Visitors may spend any length of time on your website but without taking the action(s) that you'd really like them to.

How Will My Company Benefit from Goal Driven Web Development?

Ultimately goal driven web development aims to increase profitability by influencing the way users interact with your website. By clearly defining website goals it gives your developers the best possible chance of achieving them.

Typical goals might include: 

  • Driving visitors to sign up to your free trial / podcast / mailing list
  • Encouraging visitors to explore specific sub areas within your website
  • Educating customers about the value / benefits offered by your product or service
  • Driving visitors to a specific social media account
  • Increasing the quantity / value of orders placed
  • Maximising the amount of time spent on the site per visitor by x%
  • Increasing the number of visitors to your website by x%
  • Increasing enquiries / conversions by x%

We Can Help You Define and Achieve Your Website Goals

Our full service can help you define clear achievable goals for your web properties and implement steps to make these a reality, for example:

  • Website design, build and deployment
  • Website redesigns and optimisation
  • E-commerce optimisation
  • Website performance reporting
  • Social media profile creation / development
  • Developing a goal driven social media strategy
  • Creating goal driven content for web or print
  • A full range of graphics and branding services to complement any of the above

We highly recommend the use of tools such as Google Analytics that allow you to monitor vital statistics such as number of visitors (new and repeat visits), length of each visit, how they found your website in the first place and the amount of time spent on each page.

More in depth analytics can help you measure effectiveness of your website content (A/B split testing), and to what extent visitors are following the paths you've designed (funnelling).

Any of these services can be included as part of a service package and most are also available as stand-alone services.  Please see the services tab below, for a list of services that include or focus on goal driven web development.

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For more information please contact Andrea or Paul on 0115 8088303 or message us via the website.

Our office is open 10am - 6pm Monday to Thursday and 10am - 2pm on Friday.

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