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'As the company grows, time becomes increasingly valuable - but we make a point of meeting regularly with F&P to develop ideas, review our performance and develop our web presence'

Jon Riding  (Founder and CEO)

Our Work for Riding Ltd

F&P have worked closely with Riding Ltd for almost 10 years and have enjoyed watching the company blossom from a successful local detective agency into the UK's largest private investigator group.

Distinct Websites. Consistent Look & Feel.

Riding's management understood the power of the internet from the beginning, and its importance for businesses in today's climate. Their LocalPI brand currently has over 150 websites, each dedicated to a major UK city.

Each city's website is unique - with colours, wording, content, testimonials and local articles to differentiate - keeping them highly relevant / targeted to the local population, and ranking highly in the eyes of Uncle Google. F&P have created brand consistency by developing specialised website content whilst ensuring that each of the 164 regional websites promotes the same benefits and has a congruent look and feel.

Strong Local Web Presence

Each of the 3 brands have a strong web presence in the areas they serve, most having Facebook, Twitter and other social media accounts.

See the LocalPI website for more details.

Unique Online Portal

Behind the scenes a bespoke internet portal underlies each branch's administration. Agents can login from anywhere in the country to see their latest job details and upload photos, reports, video footage and more. Clients can login to view evidence, senior management reports and request further work. They can also view the current location and history, as well as replaying, any vehicle tracking devices involved in the case.

Web Based Admin Drives Sales

A database of sales contacts allows dedicated sales teams to co-ordinate and implement complex, highly successful marketing campaigns to raise awareness of the brand and industry within the UK.

What The Client Says

"Since working with F&P we have expanded our business to over 150 cities and been able to provide many new positions within the company.

After first discussing our needs with Martin we felt safe in their hands. Since day one, work has been carried out to the highest standard. Their team are flexible and responsive and we work very closely with them on a regular basis.

As the company grows, time becomes increasingly valuable - but we make a point of meeting regularly with F&P at least once a week. Together we develop ideas, review our performance and develop our web presence in many ways.

One major factor in our success has been our sales and administration portal. This lets us manage enquiries, jobs, clients, agents and sales from all around the country in one place. Together we have developed a bespoke system that efficiently monitors progress on jobs, agent activity and even the performance of our staff.

My personal background is sales and I'm very pleased with our web presence and sales portal! Having the support of the Fresher & Prosper team has been a great asset to our company."

What's New With The Team?

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