Gedling Business Partnership

Successful launch for local non-profit organisation

'Initially we didn't know how we wanted the site to look. However, we did know what our goals were and Fresher and Prosper helped us to achieve these... and more.'

GBP Director 

Our Work for Gedling Business Partnership

Gedling Business Partnership is a non-profit organisation dedicated to the growth and prosperity of small and local companies. Since it's launch 12 months ago they have gained over 100 full-time members and won the support of many local councils and MPs.

Project Summary 1

GBP’s initial requirements were to:

  • Identify partnership’s main goals using branding, images and content
  • Update and advertise ongoing networking events
  • Choose and book events, seminars and membership through a third party booking application
  • Link up to their social media platforms
  • Use ongoing bespoke photography service for events, seminars and networking

Project Summary 2

Over time GBP has grown and has appointed 8 directors. The local council continues to support the partnership and has generated a lot of awareness for the group through advertising. The partnership has grown, with paid members and large attendance at networking and seminar events.

The partnership evolved quickly, so the directors decided it was time for a re-brand, along with the following updates:

  • Add video and new professional images
  • Add directors’ profile photo shoot – To gain a professional look for the site and social media profiles
  • Bespoke imagery
  • New pages – to hold directors’ profiles, new events and forum groups

What The Client Says

When we first set up GBP in 2011 we had a small following of business owners. We knew we were generating interest but had no way to advertise. We needed to grow the partnership and encourage other businesses to join if it was going to be successful. Because we ran the partnership voluntarily we didn’t have any capital to get us started. This was frustrating as we really wanted to have a web presence and to be able to link up our current social media platforms. After speaking to Gedling Borough Council, who were very enthusiastic about what we were trying to achieve, we were awarded some funding. We spoke to Martin at Fresher and Prosper who agreed to build us a website, and so our journey began.

We are very happy with the way the Fresher and Prosper team worked with us. We didn’t have much of an idea of how we wanted the site to look. However, we did know what our goals were, Fresher and Prosper helped us to achieve theses goals and more. Their on-going support is very much appreciated and we feel they have helped and guided us well. We loved the site design which was clean and very user friendly; this has really added to the professionalism of the partnership.

With the service plan F and P have provided we can use the time allocated for whatever service we want. We chose photography. Having authentic photographs has generated many positive comments on how friendly and professional the partnership looks. Added to that, F & P provided us with the copyright for the images, enabling us to use them across the board on all our social media platforms.

We hope to get more funding next year as we would like to be able to incorporate a forum into our website and have a more interactive site in general. We will definitely be coming back to Fresher and Prosper for our new site.

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