Email login or social media login?

  • at 17:30 Anna Fey

    What possible benefit can there be to me for logging into sites using Google+, etc? What if today's wonder site is tomorrow's fourth-down-the-list? I want to be in control and auto pilot does not seem like a good idea. If you've been advocating sm sign in (I've not read you before), please think about it and make sure its what you still think.

  • at 13:42 Martin Hansen-Lennox

    Hi Anna, 

    Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. 

    A lot of end users find social media logins convenient because:

    • They are easier than creating an account on the target website
    • There is one less password / username combination to remember

    Additionally, some websites prefer to use these authentication services over providing their own because it's one less bit of data for the site to manage. By not storing user information on their site, there is no concern of user data being hacked and they avoid Data Protection regulations and the like

    With regard to wonder sites becoming fourth-down-the-list, I would say that most sites providing authentication services (Google, Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, etc.) are pretty well established. 

  • at 01:36 Anna Fey

    I guess I think that I don't want to cross pollenate these sites with one another. What exactly happens if I choose to login to to google+ with my twitter account? I take one step at a time, trying not to do something I end up wishing I hadn't. I don't want these sites to share my information one another.

    Thanks for your answer!

  • at 15:21 Martin Hansen-Lennox

    Hi Anna,

    If a users logs into this website using Google, this is what happens:

    1. We send a request to Google, asking them to verify you
    2. You must already be logged into Google at this point. If not, they will ask you to login.
    3. Once you're logged in, Google confirm your identity and provide us with your email address and name
    4. We use this to create your account on our website

    This is a very basic setup.  Some websites ask for more information than just your name and email address.  And yes, some ask for much more!

    However, Google clearly warn you about any requests for sensitive information (e.g. your location, or 'friends' in your 'circle').  You should get a message something like this:

    This application / website wants to access your: Name, Email address and Friends List. 

    So you're normally kept informed about the information you're sharing. 

    But if you're still concerned about websites sharing your information, you will probably be happier signing up to each site individually using an email and password. 

  • at 19:43 Anna Fey

    Thank you. You are really helping me. Let me repeat back.

    If I login to you with google, you will create an account for me with my google user name and password. It appears above, that google will also want to know who my friends are, etc. Right? I can't see any benefit to me for telling them that. They probably know anyway, but.... I don't have to tell them directly. I think I can still set it up so that I post something on Facebook and it goes to other sites as well. I see the setting for that on linked. There is no requirement that I sign in their way to do this is there? I'd also appreciate your opinion on this. I don't think everything I post on one site is necessarily appropriate for others. Google+ and Facebook parallel, but not twitter and linked in. Or does linked go with google and Facebook.

  • at 19:46 Anna Fey

    Followed all of the buttons in the upper right. fb, google+, linked. twitter button says it's not there. Do you have a push news feed or an rss feed?

  • at 19:48 Anna Fey

    Ok. Now this is my third message and it will be my last. What I am trying to get a handle on here is, how do I keep this monster from eating me? I have so much inbound information that sometimes, often, I find it hard to generate outbound information. I can't ingest all that I receive. Some is better than others, as I think yours is. I'm just looking for useful limits.

  • at 16:24 Martin Hansen-Lennox

    Hey Anna, 

    If you're looking to keep your information / content separate I'd advise against using social logins, particularly those that ask for more profile information than you're comfortable sharing. 

    Most sites offer a way for you to sign up with an email / password, certainly the ones that you mention do. 

    There does seem to be an issue with our Twitter account, thank you for bringing that to our attention.  We're just finishing off some clients' work before breaking up for holidays so it will unfortunately be new year now before we get a chance to fix that. 

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