Why opt for Paramedical Courses after 12th?

  • at 11:31 Ayonija Das

    Choosing career options after completing your 12th can be a daunting task – and the best way to do is to find your interest and passion. If you love serving others, then enrolling for a Paramedical course would be a flourishing career option. These courses are gaining in popularity because of their increasing significance in healthcare and their versatility. Through these courses, you can find an opportunity to choose a course that best suits your interests.There are various paramedical courses after 12th in NCR Delhi that you can select from.

    Healthcare systems are incomplete without paramedics. Even though the doctor’s role in a patient’s treatment is primary, it is the paramedics who ensure that the treatment is administered on time. They are the ones who do tasks like giving first aid to patients or perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). They also help the patient recover fully by ensuring they are free from pain and comfortable. Doctors will not be able to function without paramedics, and it would cripple the health care system.So, you must be really proud in choosing this as your career option.

    Types of paramedical courses

    There are various interesting options for paramedical courses after class 12 in Ghaziabad, like a four-year degree in Medical Laboratory Technology, where you deal with analyzing and examining body fluids or microorganisms. You could also get a degree in occupational therapy, which involves improving disabled patient’s ability to perform their tasks in their home or workplace.

    There are also three-year degree courses like BSc Medical Technology in Radiography or Radiotherapy. You could also opt for a two-year diploma course in Medical X-ray Technology or physiotherapy. There are even one-year certification courses like a course in Nutrition and Dietetics or Naturopathy and Yogic science. The choices are plenty, and that is why these courses are in great demand.

    Eligibility for paramedical courses

    These are the eligibility criteria for paramedical courses after Class 12th.

    • You need to have passed 12th with at least 50% with Biology as one of the main subjects
    • If you are doing a diploma course, you do not need a minimum percentage. Each college has its specific requirement
    • Certain colleges admit students based on their board exams’ percentages
    • Many colleges hold entrance exams every year to gain admission to their colleges. Some colleges accept the state or national level entrance exam results of students.

    Scope for paramedical courses

    There are several jobs available in the paramedical sector in India, as well as in foreign nations. The Indian Healthcare industry is growing fast, and the demand for paramedics who can assist the specialists is increasing in the private and public sectors. Many of the top hospitals in India keep frequently recruiting paramedics every year. The remuneration for an employee in the paramedical sector is excellent, with minimum salaries ranging between Rs. 2,00,000 to Rs. 10,00,000. With more experience collected, the salary increases.

    Practical experience is a must, and so, students can do internships to collect working knowledge in this field. Some of the posts you can apply for after completing your paramedical course are that of a radiographer, speech therapist or audiologist, physiotherapist, occupational therapist, or nurse.

    For those who would like to help people in discomfort or with disabilities, paramedical courses after 12th in NCR Delhi are the best career choices you can make. It is a rewarding career since you will be responsible for others’ wellbeing and can make a difference in their lives. Santosh Hospital is a leading hospital in Ghaziabad completing twenty-five years of service and offers various paramedical course options for students who have completed their 12th. You can find complete details about the paramedical course under the academic section and get in touch with the administrative department for additional support.

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