Learn some Diabetes care tips during COVID-19

  • at 11:29 Ayonija Das

    Anyone is extremely viable to get infected by the coronavirus, but certain people become a little more vulnerable – like people with diabetes. The COVID-19 pandemic likely has you stuck at home more than usual, which can lead to climbing glucose levels. Consult with the Best General Physicians in NCR Delhi to be aware of your body and know what the correct way to keep yourself healthy is.

    Though the exact cause of why severe outcomes are noticed in patients with diabetes and COVID-19 is unknown till now, it has been suggested by experts at the General Medicine Hospital in Ghaziabad that people who have diabetes may have a compromised immune systems, which would affect their ability to recover from any ailment as quickly as other’s do. It is also to be kept in mind, that diabetes, especially if uncontrolled for a long period of time, may cause inflammation, which also affects the immune system

    Tips for maintaining your glucose levels during the pandemic:

    • Take your medications consistently and on time- Remember to take your medications or insulin on time. If you want, set alarms and timers so that you can measure your glucose before every meal, as well as take medications at the correct time.
    • Stay active- Don’t sit idle, but work. Be active and try your best to burn all the calories you are gaining in a day. Take a stroll around or do light exercises, but keep your body active.
    • Limit snacking- Forget the concept of binging away. Limit your snacking and set your meals accordingly. Try not to break the routine, and in case you are famished, engage in some healthy snacking.
    • Monitor your blood sugar closely- Self-monitoring and noting down your glucose levels at regular intervals, will give you an idea of how to maintain and take care of.
    • Don't skip checkups with your diabetes care team-Don't avoid visiting your doctor's office for fear of catching the virus.

    What to Do if You Get Sick

    If you feel sick and weak, it is better you stay back at home. Make sure to note down your glucose level at regular intervals. COVID-19 can your appetite smaller comparatively and this can affect your glucose levels.Have fluids and keep yourself hydrated all times.

    BestGeneral Physicians in Ghaziabadsuggest that some over-the-counter medicines that relieve virus symptoms like fever or cough can affect your blood sugar levels. High doses of aspirin or ibuprofen can lower blood sugar levels

    Patients who have mild symptoms or who are almost asymptomatic can be kept at home and be cured, even if they are diabetes patients. In case the patient’s blood glucose is not maintaining a healthy level, immediately medical guidance is to be asked for, otherwise their symptoms can worsen and they may experience nausea, vomiting or even trouble in breathing. This could mean that the infection is worsening

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