Where to Download Pinterest Videos for FREE?

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    Do you use pinterest on a daily basis? Well, surely you will be interested to know that you can download the videos you see on said social network . Here we will explain step by step how to download videos from pinterest using an Android mobile, are you going to miss it?

    How to download videos from pinterest on Android

    Before showing you the tutorial, it is necessary to mention that in order to download pinterest videos from your mobile it is necessary to have the official application installed on your smartphone. Although there are several apps that allow you to interact on the social network, the official one is the one that allows you to download videos easily and quickly.

    • Within pinterest, you should look for a "post" that has a video uploaded to the platform. Once found, click on the icon that allows you to put the video in full screen.
    • Therefore, you must click on the three small dots that are located at the top right of the screen.
    • An option called Save will be displayed , click on it to download the video.
    • In a matter of seconds, pinterest will save the downloaded video to your photo gallery.

    Is there another way to download videos from pinterest?

    Yes, there is another way to download videos from said social network. What you have to do to download them is to use a bot created in the app , said bot is used as follows:

    • Go to pintodown
    • you will see a Pinterest video downloader
    • click on it
    • copy the pin link from pinterest
    • paste it on the empty bar of Pinterest video downloader
    • click download
    • you will get various quality recommendations
    • click either of them
    • your downloading will start!Remember that the videos downloaded from pinterest have a quality lower than 480 pixels, so many times those videos look pixelated, or they have poor quality. In the same way, you can share them on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram or any other social network, since the format in which they are downloaded is MP4.
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