Why Your Website Needs a Content Strategy

Martin Hansen-Lennox

Published Thu 19 Jun by Martin Hansen-Lennox in Creating Better Content

This article details the importance of having a content strategy that is an effective marketing tool, and how to harness the power of social media to get people reading your articles and blogs

Did You Know?

84% of online business marketers who consider themselves to be ‘ineffective’ at content marketing admit they have no content strategy in place.

A well thought through content strategy is your road map to content marketing success; a way of ensuring your content meets your goals, engages your audience and draws in leads (Sonya Jefferson)

There is no point having great content if you’ve got nobody to read it. Use your content strategy to align your articles and blogs with a relevant audience via social media. Here’s how!

1. Know Your Audience

Who is your target audience? What do they need? What are the questions you get asked most often by your current and potential customers?

Use these questions, in a logical order, to form your content strategy. Release the information in easy (but not patronising) steps for them to follow. For example, don’t get technical too early on or load them up with jargon. And certainly don’t start off on the wrong foot by loading your articles with marketing spiel.

Keep your focus on your audience and they will start to engage with you.

2. Hook a Duck, then Keep it Quacking

There’s no point hooking an audience with a great article if you’re not going to follow it up. Give them a cliff-hanger to bring them back and give them a reason to keep visiting your website.

This is the great thing about having a content strategy (preferably with at least one month’s articles/blogs in the bag before you start posting). At the end of each article you can say: ‘Next week, we’re going to tell you about...’

Think of it as a teaser trailer that you get at the end of episodic TV dramas... viewers see what’s coming up next time and start to look forward to it.

3. Link Up with Social Media Posts

This is key to your content strategy and perfect for the search engine optimisation of your website. Your content strategy is the fabric that holds everything together. Done properly, the threads link up and form a beautiful, coherent picture!

  • Your social media posts can tell your audience what’s coming
  • They can pose questions so you know what your audience are wanting to know
  • They give you meaningful interaction with your audience
  • They can help you to gauge reactions to your articles and blogs, and adapt future ones accordingly, to be fully customer-responsive

The anticipation of your audience= interaction= satisfaction all round

4. Be Responsive

Have a clear content strategy in your mind (and preferably on your wall!) so you know where you’re going and which bridges you’re building. But always allow room within this structure for side-sweeps and alternatives avenues. Give yourself enough room to slot in some customer-responsive articles/blogs which appear in a timely manner to address any pressing questions/issues they might have.

5. Impeccable Timing

Keep your finger on the pulse within your niche market. Read latest news (and yes, that includes your direct competitors’!) and be at the forefront of delivering and interpreting the news in a language your followers know and love. Put your unique spin on it, make it your own. Spin a weave that’s accessible for the audience you know and love. Joy all round!

6. And Just One More Thing... (Actually, Two): Your Keywords!

Keep on the ball with your niche market. How are you going to reach your target audience with your content if they can’t find you/your articles easily in search engines? Within your content strategy, flag up eye-grabbing, thought-provoking titles and headlines...

7. Your Ps and Qs

Don’t let the side down by posting unedited, unprofessional content. Don’t let your hard work stumble at the final hurdle.

Next, Paul is going to be talking us through how to grab your clients' attention (and drive traffic to your website) with your email newsletters

Do you have a content strategy? How has it been of benefit to you, your staff and your business? Tell us about it in our comments section below.

Want to ask us anything, about the issues raised in this article, or anything else web-related? Visit our ask an expert page!

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