Why You Should be Using Google Authorship

Andrea Palmer

Published Mon 09 Jun by Andrea Palmer in Marketing More Effectively

Andrea Palmer talks you through nine compelling reasons to register your content with Google Authorship, from search engine optimsation (SEO) benefits to visibility on social media platforms and beyond...

1. Expert-ise Yourself

Google Authorship highlights and validates your articles and blogs in search results, helping you to build up a reputation as an expert in your field

2. Supersize Your SERPs

Google Authorship helps you to attract followers on Google+, the only social media platform that affects SERPs

3. Boosts and Boasts

Google Authorship boasts excellent click-through rates: great news for website owners like you, boosting your online presence. Get something for nothing!

4. Google Authorship is Free!

I'll leave it at that...

5. Link to Likes

Google Authorship helps readers to find your other articles and blogs easily: if they like one thing you’ve written, they can link to your other work

6. SMO and SEO Rolled into One

Google Authorship helps you to forge a community and foster meaningful interaction with your target audience. Great social media vibes and great for SEO!

7. Straight From the Horse's Mouth

As Google’s own Eric Schmidt says: ‘information tied to verified profiles will be ranked higher than content without such verification’ this in itself is a reason to get on it, now...!

8. Fifteen Minutes of Fame

Google Authorship gives you that ‘Gosh, I’m famous!’ feeling (even if only just for a minute or two...)

9. Chuck Plagiarism out for Good

With Google Authorship, you can really own your original content. Google are clamping down on rogues who just copy and paste articles and still expect the decent SERPs

Are you signed up for Google Authorship? How has it benefitted your business so far? Or are you struggling to see results? Ask our experts a question...

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