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Jeanette Helen Wilson

Published Wed 21 Jan by Jeanette Helen Wilson in Marketing More Effectively

It’s no secret that harnessing the power of social networks can help to boost your business online. But if you have limited time to spend on social media, which platforms are the best ones to be on?

In terms of business presence online, you’re more likely to make ripples with a Google + profile.


Google + is the second biggest social network worldwide. It has over 500 million users: that’s a wealth of potential customers and followers. And unlike business pages on Facebook, where people have got to ‘Like’ your page to receive your newsfeed (and even then this is becoming less likely with the rise of paid advertising ‘Boost your post’), your Google + posts can be seen by everyone in your circles and interest groups.

Here are some reasons to join Google + :

Widen Your Network - it’s really easy to build a network of contacts worldwide, by joining communities and groups. Anyone can join, and there are interest groups for all types of profession, organisation and business

No Word Limit - While Twitter is a microblogging site that limits the number of characters you can post at any one time, Google + sets no such limits... So the sky’s your limit! You can post infographics, links to your website’s blog, photos, comments and company information and news to your heart’s desire

Google + is Hosted by Google - Ok this may seem obvious, but think about it: a social network that is owned and promoted by the ‘biggest technology platform on the planet’ (Josephina Cassas)- enough said!

Indexed Posts - As soon as you post anything on Google +, Google index it. This positively influences search engine results. It makes sense to post your content here where you can be certain it is going to be ranked and seen by your potential customers

It’s Free - So what’s not to like? With Facebook’s shift towards paid advertising for business pages, more people are moving towards ways to promote their products and services for free. And Google + is an ideal platform on which to do this. You can create posts to let people know about special offers and to establish yourself as an expert in your field. Remember: as with most social networking and blogging today, people interact more with content that has some genuine value for them, so focus your content on how you can help people: answer their questions, anticipate their needs and be sociable

Harness the Power of Reviews - Social proof is a powerful force when it comes to promoting your products and services. If you can encourage your satisfied customers to post some positive reviews of you, your customer service, your products and services, others will read and want to do business with you. It’s as simple as that!

One Stop Shop - Google + is unique in the number of resources it has in one place. It has communities, it has interest groups, it has Hangouts - it also benefits from multimedia platforms such as Youtube, Gmail and Google maps. 

All of these resources can help your brand spread wider 

Connecting to niche groups, or communities, in Google + is a great way to get to a wider audience, whether you’re using it for business or pleasure or even both

You can search for ‘people, pages or posts’ using the search box at the top of your Google + home page. This is a really easy way of finding specific people you know or admire. 

But what if you’re not sure who to search for?

You can also type in a general term and Google + will search its database to make recommendations for you. 

Once you've filled in your profile, using some of your keywords, Google + will use its algorithms to match you with possible communities and groups and offer recommendations for you, tailored to your interests and business niche

Connecting to groups in your niche is great way of boosting your posts, links and comments online. And the great thing about Google +, as opposed to other social networking sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn is that you can connect to people and invite them whether or not you know them. This is a great opportunity to connect to a worldwide platform of people. 

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