How to Ditch Destructive Social Media Habits

Jeanette Helen Wilson

Published Fri 23 May by Jeanette Helen Wilson in Marketing More Effectively

This article goes through some common social media bad habits and shows you how to avoid making the same mistakes on your business' social media platforms

Are you monitoring how your staff are representing your business on social media platforms?

Failing to set boundaries amongst your staff about what they should be posting and how could mean your business' reputation ending up in tatters.

If you recognise any of these characters in your workforce, do something about it before it's too late!

Lazy Leonard

Uses Tweetdeck to post the same thing across lots of social media platforms at once. Visually unappealing and downright obvious.

Don’t let Lazy Leonard’s corner-cutting damage your company’s reputation...

Just a little investment of time and care can make all the difference to how your target audience see you.

Sporadic Stan

Stan posts nothing for ages, then all of a sudden feels guilty and fires out dozens of posts. He’s likely to get your business ‘Unfollowed’ and ‘Hidden’ across the board, as people react badly to their inboxes being bombarded. Don’t let a social media splurge ruin the following you’ve built up over the years.

Slow and steady does it... Be consistent. Little and often goes a long way.

Typo-Happy Trish

She’s so into her company’s products and special offers. She’s so into getting it all out on time.

But she fails to check her typing, grammar and punctuation. She’s fooled herself into thinking that nobody is bothered about accuracy these days. Wrong, wrong, wrong!

Don’t let your standards slip just because social media is a casual form of communication. You are still using it to carry and publicise your brand. Your social media presence will look careless and slovenly with typing errors and spelling mistakes everywhere.

Desperate Debra

She’s constantly begging for links, shares and retweets on behalf of her company. She’s the girl in the playground shouting ‘Please be my friend!’ This is not the way to make friends and influence people. It’s embarrassing and off-putting. Instead, post things to naturally attract followers. Answer their questions, solve their queries and offer them something great for free!

Fuzzy Frank

His images are out of focus, his staff profile pics make them look like they’re gazing into the back of a spoon. His brand new premises look great... or would do if they weren’t obscured by the back end of a bus.

Having your photographs taken professionally may seem pricey, but it’s a long-term investment that will definitely pay off, especially in the image-centric world of social media.

Ignorant Ian

He consigns customer questions and queries to the dark depths of his in-tray. He tells his boss he’ll respond to that urgent client problem tomorrow, but somehow never gets round to it.

Then he wonders why the company’s social media inbox is as empty as Santa’s sleigh on Boxing Day...

Plagiarising Pam

She can’t really be bothered to write original content. And she certainly isn’t going to cough up the cash to pay someone to do it for her. So she just retweets and shares other people’s posts and content. Then she sits back and wonders why nobody bothers to engage with her posts.

Not rocket science, is it?

Content is king in SEO and social media. To drive traffic to your website, you need something fresh and original.

No-Brand Nigel

Content to be an anonymous egg-head in the social media wilderness, he’s missing a trick.

Give your social media presence consistent branding across all platforms to optimise your likelihood of being recognised/followed by more peeps!

All-over-like-a-rash Raj

This geezer’s everywhere you look on social media. It’s like a nightmare hall of mirrors. He’s retweeting and liking everything under the sun with no sign of discernment or standards of taste.

Too much of a good thing is...a bad thing.

Get the balance right with social media. Post consistently and engage with the material of others, but show some discernment and make your shares/likes relevant to your niche market/target audience.

One-track-mind Mina

She feels safe on Facebook. So she doesn’t bother with Twitter or LinkedIn. Or Pinterest, even though her main target audience is women and Pinterest is one social media platform on which women of all ages love to hang out.

Limiting your social media presence to one platform limits your reach to a wider audience.

Robotic Rod

He’s full of company spiel. His posts all follow the company’s official line to the letter.

But social media is not the place for robotic rote.

It’s about interaction, to and fro, conversation, friendliness (and a bit of fun along the way).

Make it personal... But still be professional.

Melodramatic Mike

This feller has damaged his reputation (along with that of his company) by responding publicly and angrily to criticism. He gets hooked into petty online arguments. He’s making it personal (but in the worst way possible).

Think before you respond to negative posts in a sarcastic, bitter or angry way. It may give you a temporary feeling of triumph, but it will be a hollow victory long-term

Have you got any bad social media habits you need to ditch?

Need advice about how to do it better? Don't forget to ask an expert, or leave a comment below

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