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Martyn Talbot

Published Wed 11 Jun by Martyn Talbot in Creating Better Content and Marketing More Effectively

This follow-on article by Martyn gives you a step by step guide on how to get profile set up for Google Authorship and why it's important to do it right

So, we’ve convinced you (well, I hope we have) in our last article, that having your original content verified and validated by Google Authorship is the way to go. It helps you to connect with your target audience and gives them the assurance that you’re an expert in your field.

But how do you go about actually doing it?

1. Get a Cracking (Not Lens-Cracking) Profile Picture

Your mug’s got to look as sweet as a nut (or as close as you can get) on your profile picture. Make sure you get a professional to do it. Poor quality pics just don’t cut the mustard and can really damage the reputation you’re trying to build up. Did you know that, according to SEO Consultant Cyrus Shepard, you get a whopping 35% increase in click-through rates with a good quality mugshot? ( If you didn’t, you do now...)

Be consistent and use this picture across platforms. People will start to recognise you. Photographs are ‘eye-grabbing’ meaning your profile will be noticed. And remember that online, colour wins out over black and white every time...

Get on Google +

Now you’ve got a decent profile pic, you can create a Google+ profile if haven’t already done so. This is relatively easy to do and won't take up too much of your time. Don't forget to pop some of your keywords in your tagline, introduction and background in the 'About' section of your profile.

3. Don't Be an Egghead Everyman (or Woman)

Make yourself unique by creating a ‘byline’ to accompany your profile photo. This will show that the content is authored by you and you alone. This name must be identical to how it appears on your Google+ profile

4. Same Domain

It is a lot easier if you have an email address at the same domain as your content. So, if you’re writing articles for, it’s best if you have an email address ‘’

5. Use a rel=author Tag

Place this coding at the end of your content to add links and boost click-through rates.

6. Circulate in Circles

Once you’ve set up your Google Authorship and you’re posting content, try to build up your circles and connections. This will help validate you as an expert whose content is worth following.

7. Content That's Worth Writing Home About

Last but not least, make sure your content is going to help, inspire and excite your followers. This is easier said than done perhaps, but more important than ever this year!

How did you get on? Leave your comments below. Need more help? Visit our ask an expert page...

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