5 Tips to Get Your Blog Kick-Started

Jeanette Helen Wilson

Published Tue 08 Jul by Jeanette Helen Wilson in Creating Better Content

This article shows you how to get started blogging to promote your business or organisation, from initial research to hitting the 'Publish' button...

'Ideas are like rabbits. You get a couple and learn how to handle them, and pretty soon you have a dozen' - John Steinbeck

So you’ve heard that blogging can be great for your business, but how on earth do you get started?

We’re here to help...

Ditch Your Inner Critic

For those of you who have never done any writing before, it’s common for an inner voice to be saying: ‘What are you thinking? You’re not a writer, and that’s going to be pretty obvious. Better off just sticking to what you know and leave writing/blogging to the experts....’

Every writer has probably had this thought somewhere along the line (unless they’re exceptionally confident), but if we all let our inner critics rule, we would never take any risks! And creating blogs does have some element of risk, just like anything you do for your business. Have faith, put a lid on that inner critic, and just make a start...

Read a Bit, but Not Too Much

This is a tricky one.

We all want to know what’s out there, and reading for research is a great way of gauging what’s current, what others are doing, finding out what you like and more importantly, what you don’t like.

But reading other blogs solely to sniff out the competition and rule yourself out... to give yourself the heebie-jeebies and chicken out of the venture entirely...

Don’t do it! Remember, everyone has to start somewhere.

Don't Set Out to be a Banana if You're a Natural Apple

There are some great bananas out there...

They’re doing really well, getting lots of hits, likes, shares and +1s...

You really want to be a banana, but you’re an apple and always will be. You can be a second rate banana if you really try, but you’ll always be a first-rate apple. Get it?

Stay true to yourself and play to your strengths...

Don’t try to be something you’re not, just because you think that other thing is on-trend or buzzing. It’s good to experiment with new ideas and ways of writing, but finding your own unique voice and sticking to it will serve you best in the long run

Peeps will see through writers who are not authentic

Choose a Topic that Will Bear Fruit (In Your Case, Apples)

Get the balance between keeping it unique enough to stand out and invite interest, but not so narrow and niche that it won’t go the distance over time.

This is where reading other blogs in your niche may be useful. And remember to ask people what they would like to read about! What’s missing in your niche market? What questions need to be answered/issues addressed?

Hit Publish.... Go on, You Know You Want To!

So now you’ve done your research, decided on a topic, asked your clients for some input, and written your first post. You’ve harvested your fruit tree, so what do you do next? Just let those apples sit in your kitchen until they go rotten? No! Bung them in a pie, slap custard all over them and dig in (remembering to share with others, of course)...

Have you got any advice you could give on this subject? If you're an experienced blogger, share your expertise in the comments section below.

Need further ideas or want advice on any other web-related topic? Visit our ask an expert page!

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